Tuesday, December 12, 2006

8 day forecast

to bear a new shorthandle shovel from the middle of the desert to the windward and leeward pacific. yeah, down the 1st knuckle of the nearest peninsula, and without car trouble. this you will do and still you’ll

see living tigers, caged and rolling out
of Ensenada’s new big box district.
pass humble monuments to dead truckers
along the sharp oxbows of highway one.
numbly take in the dregs of late cable
telenovelas for a couple hours.
tune in to crackly corridos that sing
of blood and contraband on the frontier.
go out among, savor, carry and dream
cacti of all proportions and states of

see declarations of love and several
crude phalli, painted on roadside boulders
for kilometers through central desert.

bear the grandest breakdown you have both seen
in over 5 years, inconsolable
in the crosswind and behind motel glass.

walk out on the shoals at dusk scattering
tens of tiny stingrays up from the sands
and some, hubcap-sized rising further out.

turn over stones in the littoral zone
uncovering entire worlds of rippling
asteroidea, sea slugs and so on.

find zopilotes tugging fallen stock,
others displaying the desert macabre
and still others dismembered in the dust,
trodden underfoot.


1 comment:

ZLB said...

why the crap wasn't I invited? pretty much looks like the best adventure ever. I was actually thinking of driving to baja for new years. sigh. not going to happen this year. I want to hear more deats.