Tuesday, November 14, 2006

dogma of highly defective friendships

the other day I overheard a wellness sermon being delivered to a small congregation of junior college students. something like this:
If you want to be successful then associate yourself with successful people.
Why do you want to pay to take a rich person out to eat instead of having them pay?
Why is that a good idea? Anyone?

the simple and authentic truth about the nature of friendship is held in the following crucible. determine if this is the sort of person who you would feel good about asking to hold your ice cream cone for you while you went to use the toilet. good grades, pretty braids, and all other considerations of friendship are appendages to this one.


kel said...

eped, don't you want to be a billionaire?

Chris' wife (name purposely excluded) said...

Can I still be considered a good friend if I have a taste of the ice cream cone while waiting for said person to be finished in the bathroom?

ZLB said...

I'm only friends with you guys cause your rich in squash. there now you know.

jo said...

Rich! it's the only thing I think about.

T.R. said...

What good is being a billionaire if you don't have a nice group of people to eat lunch with?

Dainon said...

My friends are mostly bottom-feeders. Yep, losers. The whole lot of them. Which would explain my lot in life. I'm one of them! But we're very successful at not excelling.