Thursday, May 25, 2006

a virtual diorama for Lyndon Graham

Lyndon Graham (1906-1986) was a “lifetime resident of Fairview,” Utah. he was also the custodian of the town schoolhouse. in his spare time Lyndon wrote poems, collected rocks, painted pictures, carved wood and stone, and made enormous dioramas, most of these centering around some kind of carriage. it seems he was really keen on carriages.

his paintings are of Gypsies, Indians (eastern and western), and Victorians. and his stuff is now enshrined at the Fairview museum, which is sheltered in that old schoolhouse. there’s the cigar store Indian he carved. there’s also his big diorama with the scale model of the Taj Mahal made out of little blocks he cut from local alabaster. horse-drawn hearses, Egyptian chariots, Napoleon’s and Cinderella’s carriages with hand carved horses. it’s all there; got its own room and everything.

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T.R. said...

and all duane hansen's janitor does is sit there and refuse to be touched. he could learn a lesson from this guy.