Tuesday, May 30, 2006

sentient root gnarls

ok, I’ll be straight with you here. all I know is that a man was on his way to somewhere else when he saw a crew unearthing a quarry of gnarled tree roots. well, our man pulled right over and struck a deal to get his hands on those roots. you see, he simply had to have them. actually the man didn’t see roots at all. he saw grotesque, Goyesque figures begging him for glass eyes, varnish and whimsical feathered caps. I think he might have whittled on them a bit too. there are like 15 in all.

now they’re upstairs in the same room as those bears. last time I went to check in on them the door was nailed shut. no kidding.

the root goblins also bear an uncanny resemblance to little Otik. who became a real boy and ate the whole Czech town. doors get nailed shut for a reason.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

Those are creepy. They look like they would come alive and do something horrible. Or maybe they would just whisper when people are in the room with them. And the people are looking around wondering who's whispering, then they look back at the little root people and their eyes widen. Then of course they get the hell out of the room.

I want to see them. We should brake into that room some night...

T.R. said...