Friday, May 05, 2006

piñatas: shiva in a circular river of creation and destruction, snakes chewing on their tails and stuff.

Martha Acevedo has been making piñatas for a long time at her home in Zacatecas, central Mexico. the 1st time I saw her at work was 7 or so years ago. the rugrats cartoon was a big deal at the time and so that's what she was making. Rugrats Piñatas . if rugrats is aesthetically offensive then try the Spanish translation: adventures in diapers, basically.

this sheep is from last december. for some, the word piñata might bring to mind something familiar. maybe a magenta burro of corrugated paperboard and newspaper stapled together, suspended over the produce or 'ethnic foods' section of the supermarket. Martha's sacrificial lamb is a different animal. she starts with a terra cotta pot (candy vessel) and goes from there; heavy-weight. it's very impressive and at the same time kind of maddening and depressing how much work goes into the thing, all to get demolished on the patio. even so, it's good to see her making sheep now and not rugrats.

[insert stuffy commentary about primal hunting/feasting rituals, syncretism, blood and taffy here]

I mean what's not to totally love about a piñata? sure, an effigy you can burn, but this is so much more physical (or interactive for all e-nerds in e-landia). how much cooler is it when you can disembowl Judas (or Guy Fawkes, Summer Wheatley, the president, Ravana, whatever), and for candy?!


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

This is a great Cinco De Mayo blog. I wanted to post a good Cinco De Mayo blog, but I already used up all of my thoughts about Mexico in previous blogs.

I hear that the spanish translation of Golden Girls is also roughly "Adventures In Diapers".

It's THE CIRCLE OF LIFE - as seen on TV

Gay Robot 3000 said...

Every time I see that picture of the rice crispy treats on your profile, it makes me hungry.

kel said...

once i made a pinata that looked like a sausage. then i filled it with too much candy and it was too heavy to hang up. so i put it on the floor and a squirrel chewed into the side of it and ate the mini Reese peanut butter cups.

eped said...

woah, Kel, we know each other too well. it shouldn't surprise that you completely understand what I mean about all these pinatas and how dramatically they can affect us. I empathize with your loss and am charmed by the layers of allegory surrounding your experience.

gr3, I think most of us can remember the first time each of us confused rice crispy treats with fishsticks and the inevitable consequences. oh to be young and gay and stuff. good on you, son.