Tuesday, May 02, 2006

...other shoe to drop

does it bother you to see an asterix that doesn't seem to refer to anything in sight? does it piss you off when people say "asterix" when they mean asterisk? (then you need to re-lax)

* let's start with something easy. you can say "yo, that's deaf" when you mean something is "def." you know, like "the new Scary Movie 4 is deaf!". people won't even notice the diference.
now, try saying "I'm so stroked" the next time you're "totally stoked."
or if you're "down" with something, you might say... (nevermind, you get the idea)

and if the other shoe does drop and there's nobody actually reading this blog, does it really make a sound?


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

I'm listening. This is good stuff.

What bugs me is when people say "literally" when they don't mean literally. I once heard a guy say he was "littereally tied in knots" - I get the feeling he meant figuratively. So I have started saying "figuratively" when I am speaking literally. For example: "I figuratively ate the sandwich" (when I actually did eat the sandwich) "and I figuratively enjoyed it" - I don't know if that one is right or wrong... But you get what I'm saying.

T.R. said...

in church, this guy told me about this lady literally ouring her heart out to him, which is gross.