Saturday, May 06, 2006

mummies: these are not piñatas, ok?

The mummy is the antithesis of the piñata for several reasons. (seriously now, this is important):
A) they’re spelled totally differently, duh.
B) Brendan Fraser has never fought a piñata (although he’s still young).
C-L or M or something) you’re probably real smart and can sort the rest out on your own.

this is a picture of Rooster and her attendees. Rooster was a wealthy mastiff, a local whose owner had her mummified. don’t ask about these other 2. who cares? do you see anyone making mummies out of them? no - so who gives a rip?! they’re probably not even dead yet and everyone knows there’s nobody more anonymous, insignificant than a live working stiff in 2006. more on mummers and mummies later.

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The Mediocre Gatsby said...

OK, so I think I am with you on this one, but I just want to make sure I am understanding everything.

The people making the Mummy are called Mummers right?

So in this picture, would you say they are Mumming?

How would we correctly refer to Brendan Fraser or any other person who fights Mummies?

Is it true that Mummers, when mumming, actually take the brain out of the nose and replace it with some other, non-brain substance? What if they replaced it with Caramel or Nugget? Then it wouldn't be so far removed from the Mexican Mummy in the picture below right? Plus, that would be cool to see Brendan Fraser fighing a Mummy who's brain is full of snickers-like stuff...