Monday, May 08, 2006

local mummies: before and after

this is Rooster (the live one on the right) and Butch (the golden doberman on the left) in a visibly awkward moment. you have many options if you want to get a formal photo taken of your pet. you can put a dead pheasant in his mouth (or a rubber squeaky pheasant if you can’t abide the blood and feathers). for the less dignified photograph there are plushy reindeer antlers that can be temporaily attached to the head by way of a simple plastic omega, and then removed and put away for another year. but a dog mummy prop is a less traditional and (if I may say so) more extravagant choice. I doubt the JC Penny studio keeps many of these around so call ahead.
surely we can all understand how Rooster must feel. photographs are already demoralizing by nature; feeling the oppressive collective inspecting gaze of everyone who may later see the picture, and that terrible flash. we all have trouble at funerals but Rooster is pioneering some new territory here. territory that even Laika might fear to tread, much less mark. I mean, what is appropriate for she the living dog in this scenario? sniff? weep? pee? chew? read a poem? I guess it depends on ones prior relationship with the deceased but even that’s tricky. here we see Rooster in that moment of trepidation.

But the shame is removed in time as Rooster gets her own gold leaf!