Thursday, May 04, 2006

I got a ticket in Wisconsin

I got a parking ticket in wisconsin yesterday. It takes me a little longer than expected to eat a falafel sandwich and my meter is 8 minutes over. $20
I have never not paid a parking ticket but this might be my chance to beat the system. you know, stick it to the man. here's why.

(a)-it's a rental car and all they have is the license plate and actual car info (make model etc.) no dl#, fingerprints, forensic nail clippings, nothing. I've even since finished using the car and will never see that car again.

(b)-it's an illinois rental car, out of state plates, etc. I mean are they going to go to the effort to track down an out of state car back to the out of state rental company, etc. etc.?

(c)-good grief! even if they do, the rental co. never asked my address or anything. I mean I think we're pretty safe here.

(d)-I'll probably go back to wisconsin someday but I doubt anytime soon; and even so, see (a).

(e)-then again it's only $20 but goes up after 10 days and then up and up and up and stuff. is is worth the risk?

am I just being a wuss here? should I take this as my opportunity to stick it to the man? I have 9 days to decide.

oh and yes, people in wisonsin do talk like coach z.


The Mediocre Gatsby said...

It sounds like a good oportunity "to stick it to the man", and if it is true that the rental place never asked for your address, then I think you would be safe. However, I am guessing the rental place had to have taken your ID and/or Credit Card didn't they? If so, it could come back to bite you.

So now the question is as you put it: Are they going to go to the effort to track down an out of state car back to the out of state rental company, etc. etc.?

Well, you should be carefull, Cops are a loathsome and spiteful lot prone to going out of there way to prove a little point (or prove their supposed superiority) to minor offenders. Instead of actually doing something useful like busting up crack houses, they would rather spend a whole day researching an out of state rental car, etc.

After spending 10 minutes writing this, I just realized that I have no advice. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

If they don't have your address, how was the ticket delivered to you?

T.R. said...

hmm. sticking it to the man is a noble pursuit, but I think he gets it stuck to him all the time. I still think you should not pay, but only for the reason of not paying $20. Money=happiness, after all.

eped said...

cripe! ok, so now I called the car rental company and I guess they're totally willing to sell me out to the wisconsin MAN over a parking ticket. it had escaped me that even though rental guys don't have my address or anything, they do have my wife's utah dl#. so I'll be paying this $20 and not a day too soon. we'll have to look for more subversive ways to stick it to the man in the future. thanks all the same for all your pro bono advice. and please don't feel like I'm not taking you seriously. I take absolutely seriously everything my few faithful readers say seriously, really. seriously!
even that crap anonymous is talking about. seriously

lucky anonymous duck! sounds like you've never had a parking ticket before. they actually don't have anything to do with your address. as far as I can tell, parking tickets spring up rather spontaneously, like toadstools, from your windshield-wipers if you leave your car in the wrong place for like 40 minutes.